100% Natural Cosmetic Rosehip Oil, 1 oz/ 30 Ml

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100% Natural Cosmetic Rosehip Oil Description

Rosehip essential oil, sometimes called rose hip seed oil, can be obtained from wild rose (Rose moschata, Rosa rubignosa or Rosa canina) bushes, which grow in various areas around the world. Rosehip oil has a subtle woody smell — it doesn't have a rosy fragrance since it's not made from the flower. The color can range from a deep golden hue to a rich red-orange color to a light yellow color.

Primary benefits:
Promotes healthy and vibrant skin
Nourishes dry hair and prevents dandruff.
Keeps nails healthy.
Helps heal wounds and burns and removes scars.
Relieves sunburn.
Enhances tissue regeneration.
Prevents the appearance of age spots.
Has a bleaching action.

100% Natural Cosmetic Rosehip Oil, 1 oz/ 30 Ml
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