Cinnamon (Cinnamonum Verum)100% Natural  Essential Oil, 0.3 oz/ 10 Ml
Cinnamon (Cinnamonum Verum)100% Natural Essential Oil, 0.3 oz/ 10 Ml
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Cinnamon (Cinnamonum Verum)100% Natural Essential Oil, 0.3 oz/ 10 Ml

Brand: Oleos
Sedative, antispasmodic, antiseptic, stimulating the function of respiratory, cardiovascular, reproductive systems, expectorant, anthelmintic, styptic. Healing properties is an effective means to prevent and treat SARS and influenza; effective expectorant for respiratory diseases; stimulates the function of the cardiovascular system; normalizes the activity of the gastrointestinal tract; eliminates rheumatic pains, relieves muscle strain and inflammation of the muscles; normalizes the menstrual cycle; is a powerful adaptogen (increases the body's defenses to the harmful effects of the environment); is an aphrodisiac (stimulates sexual desire), effective for impotence. Cosmetic properties improves the complexion, tones the skin; prevents the appearance of cellulite; helps eliminate warts and warts; helps to eliminate fungal infections of the skin; strengthens the hair, making them stronger; effective in the treatment of head lice. Psycho-emotional effects eliminates the feeling of loneliness, fear, and stiffness; Inspiration strengthens and encourages creativity; stimulates sexual desire and activity. Methods of application Massage: 3-5 drops of essential oil mixed with 10 ml of any cosmetic oils (jojoba, peach, almond, etc.) or massage cream, put on your skin, do a massage procedure. Use for: rheumatic pain, muscle strain, and inflammation of muscles, diseases of the respiratory tract. Rinse: 1 teaspoon of honey, add 4-5 drops of essential oil, mix it and dissolve the mixture in 200 ml of warm water. Rinse your mouth 2-4 times per day. Use when you cough.
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